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Hello and welcome to my journal

In the attic people usually store things they no longer need, but can't throw them out either – hence the name of the journal. So this is where I'll post all the useless stuff that keeps collecting in my mind.

All that is fandom related will be available to anyone who happens to wander over here, but if you want to read about my boring life you can always add me.

If you're interested in reading my crazy posts ... why again?


Doctor Who finale

Dear lord, this is late. And I'm only posting because I'm procrastinating on studying >.<



So the past few months weeks I have been watching the latest season of Doctor who. Yeah, I do realize I'm slow but I've been .. busy. Anyway, let's forget my stupidity and focus on the fact that I have watched it.

Warning, if you're watching Doctor Who there are spoilers for the season finale below. If you have already seen it or you don't watch it then you can safely read on.

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Why Tolmin is the new Suna

Today, my sweeties, I'm gonna share with you my latest passion: Hetalia.



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[fanfiction] BTH Chapter One

Behind That Hate



Title: Behind That Hate

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Godric /Salazar

Raiting: PG for now

Summary: A thousand years ago Hogwarts was founded. There were four founders. Three founders worked together, one did not. Everyone knows this. But what exactly happened then? Why did Godric and Salazar hate each other?

Author's Note: I wrote this a couple of years back in my mother tongue, but then before I finished it I accidentally deleted the whole thing, so I started writing it again, this time in English. I hope I get to complete it this time.

Word count: 1 634

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter One - How They MetCollapse )